Deploying Mass Water Suppression Systems for Wildfires – New Wildland Firefighting & Structure Protection Equipment

Deploying mass water cannon and mass water suppression systems that can be rapidly deployed and do the work of 50 to 60 firefighters with a single fire suppression cannon.

#AdminTeam members of our BC Wildfire and Flood Support Group have seen the videos from southern BC when the suppression cannons were used – in August 2018 in southern BC – saving twenty (20) homes for the Lower Simikameen Indian Band – here’s a link to our post back then.. #POSTLINK in BC Wildfire and Flood Support Group

Utilizing the mass water suppression system can change a sun-beaten region of desert-dry arid lands, and changing due point, humidity point to that of a tropical rain forest in under an hour. Stopping a class 4 or class 5 fire from advancing any further.

Could this be the rural community protection communities need in the years to follow?

Time will tell.

Alberta Wildfire Evacuee Support

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