Virtual Operations Support Team (VOST) Training?

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Deployment of Virtual Operations Support Teams (VOSTs) or Virtual Operations Support Groups (VOSGs) is a very fluid operation to undertake.  Those working VOST duties need to have some introduction and background before they are deployed in a crisis situation.

Canadian Disaster Response Network can help you prepare your selected participants for their VOST deployment.  We can work with local non-profit community organizations, and all three levels of government; municipal, provincial, and federal, in using our years of experience to help your VOST/VOSG deploy prepared, informed, and ready.

Send us an email, let’s talk about your situation and needs.

If you have an imminent threat situation developing and need immediate assistance; Please call (587) 516-1155 – day or night, 24/7 – Ask for Scott.

#GetPrepared #BePrepared

Scott Astle,
Canadian Disaster Support Network

Canadian Disaster Support Network - Virtual Operations Support Team -VOST VOSG

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