I-100 Introduction to Incident Command System (ICS) – Canada – Student Reference Notes

Introduction to Incident Command System, I-100 has been developed by an interagency and inter-jurisdictional development group with guidance from the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre.

Course Overview

I-100 Introduction to Incident Command System is designed to help you learn the principles of the Incident Command System and to briefly acquaint you with the basic ICS structure and terminology.

To measure how well you received and retained this information, there will be a final examination covering all the course material.

We hope you will have a good learning experience and that this course helps you accomplish your job more effectively.

Course description
Introduction to ICS is intended for personnel assigned to an incident or event who have a minimum requirement for understanding ICS.

This module reviews the ICS organization, basic terminology, and common responsibilities. It will provide basic information about the Incident Command System to enable you to work in a support role at an incident or event, or to support an incident from an off-site location.

There is no prerequisite for I-100.

Target audience
This is an orientation for entry level personnel assisting at an incident or event, persons working in support roles, and off-incident personnel who require a minimum of ICS understanding

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